Deeper Waters Podcast 12/28/2013: David Robertson

What’s coming up on this episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Readers of this blog know that another great podcast I recommend is Unbelievable? with my good friend Justin Brierley. Justin on there knows that there are hits and misses sometimes. (Such as the time he brought on a guest called B Strong. Big miss there. Even the atheist audience was disgraced by him) Sometimes, Justin has on there Christians who I wish could do a better job. I’m not alone with that. They don’t always please everyone, but such is the way it goes.

However, there are some guests that I can count on to never let me down when they’re on the show. One such guest who Justin knows to be one of my favorites is pastor and writer David Andrew Robertson.

And I am honored that David is my guest this Saturday on the Deeper Waters Podcast.

When David comes on, I know him as one who goes straight for the jugular with his opponents and can easily spot their contradictions in the way they think. I also know him as someone thoroughly committed to following the evidence wherever it leads. If more pastors in the world were like David Andrew Robertson, then the church would be really putting up a fight in today’s culture.

What we’re talking about is his latest book “Magnificent Obsession.” Why talk about this now?

Because right now, Christmas has ended. Oh you might be like us and have one or two more gifts out there that are due to arrive because the mail was late in delivering them. You might also have some gift cards that you want to go out and spend to get some items or just some Christmas cash that you’ve been holding on to. That’s all well and good, but you could also be looking at all of this and thinking “What now?”

Post-Christmas let down can be a hard pill to swallow. We’ve been supposedly thinking so much about Jesus and what He did for us this time of year. Now what? Do we suddenly stop? (Or maybe we need to actually get started) Or, do we just wait until Easter and we can start thinking again?

Perhaps what we need is to realize who Jesus is all year long. Jesus should be on our minds far more than at Easter and Christmas. Jesus should be on our minds all year long. What would it mean if we in the church were to suddenly have Jesus as our magnificent obsession? Do we take the gospel of Christ far too casually here in the West and not really think about who Jesus is and what it is that He did?

So I hope you’ll be joining me this Saturday. I quite look forward to this guest, one who I’ve been wanting to have on for a long time. The show will be airing from 3-5 PM EST this Saturday 12/28/2013. The call in number is 714-242-5180.

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In Christ,
Nick Peters