Deeper Waters Podcast 6/27/2015: Greg West

What’s coming up on the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Good apologetics can be hard to find on the internet. There is so much junk out there. How do you know what’s good? Fortunately, there are places where some of the best stuff is compiled, and one such place is celebrating five years of service this year. That’s the Poached Egg. This Saturday, I’ll be reviewing its founder, Greg West. Who is he?

Greg West

Greg West was raised in a faithful Christian family before he became an agnostic due to doubts about Christianity being the “one true faith”. After many years of being apathetic towards religion in general, Greg began to wrestle with worldview issues which caused him to take a critical look at his unbelief and the truth claims of Christianity.

According to Greg, “It wasn’t that long before I began to see how the Christian worldview was the only one that made any sense. I rededicated my life to Christ and dove headlong into apologetics before I really even knew what it was began to see the serious need for apologetics in the church”.

As a layman, Greg continued to self-study apologetics which led to his teaching apologetics classes and small groups at his local church. In 2010 he founded The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network to better train and equip Christians and also to raise awareness of what others are doing in the field of apologetics and how it applies to the church and everyday Christian life.

We’ll be talking about how someone like West works to make a difference in the Christian world. How did it get to be that the Poached Egg became such a popular apologetics web site within such a short time? How is it that one manages their time between going through what everyone else is saying and looking for deals on Kindle books and running a web site to having your own family and to also being able to study apologetics on your own time.

What are some tips that those starting out in ministry can do if they want to increase their platform? How do you get the word out about your ministry and how do you navigate the internet with all the junk that’s on there at times in order to learn how to tell the good from the bad. West was also married late in life and we can ask then how is it that one manages the life of marriage and putting your spouse first with the service that one does in the apologetics community and helping out others.

So join me this Saturday as we celebrate five years of the Poached Egg web site and discuss how it came to be what it is and how it is that the man behind the web site somehow manages to do it all. If you’re someone who’s wanting to make a difference in the apologetics community online, this is a podcast that you won’t want to miss. Be listening for the next episode of the Deeper Waters Podcast!

In Christ,
Nick Peters