Deeper Waters Podcast: 9/21/2013. John Stewart

What’s coming up on the Deeper Waters Podcast? Let’s talk about it.

Today, we have a special show lined up for you. We’re pleased to announce that Jon Stewart is going to be joining us. He’s taking some time away from the Daily Show to….wait. What? It’s not that John Stewart! Good! I was thinking that sounded like an odd guest for a Christian apologetics show!

No. Our guest is John Stewart from Ratio Christi who is heading up the Ratio Christi International Division. Many of you by now hopefully know about Ratio Christi. It is an organization bringing Christianity to the college campuses. In fact, it’s an organization I have a chapter with as well as their social media and communications expert.

Ratio Christi stands for the meaning of Christ and started off as a small organization in a couple of schools. Now it is in hundreds of schools across the country and going international having an impact in a number of countries that is only going to grow over time.

RC also does not seek to draw attention to itself but help by working with other ministries. It seeks to provide the best in apologetics information. I have witnessed numerous times where excellent speakers have been called in to speak at a Ratio Christi meeting. Often times, the meetings will be in competition with the Secular Student Alliances on several campuses.

Ratio Christi gives a powerful presence to young people who are going off to college. It is a place where they can go and not only will their questions be encouraged, but they will be answered as well. For parents wanting to make sure that their children keep their Christianity in college, they should be thankful that an organization exists to make sure that their children are safe and in fact, not only will they be safe, they will be built up enough that they can in fact take on those who oppose the faith.

With the new position of Jon Stewart, the organization will have new difficulties to face to be sure, but it will also have new rewards. The simple idea that started off small has already grown to a large organization that is seeking to impact the world for Christ by reaching students on the campuses.

I have said before that I think we are on the verge of a golden age of apologetics. The age of the internet has helped bring this about as well as atheism and other beliefs going mainstream meaning Christians have to have a presence in the culture. I am hoping that more and more churches will wake up to the reality that they cannot sit on the sidelines any more and have to get involved in the apologetics battle. If churches supported and encouraged ministries like Ratio Christi more, the culture would be much better off.

Please join me today for this important program discussing Ratio Christi’s future and also how you can be a part of it. Our call in number is 714-242-5180. Show time is 3-5 PM EST today, 9/21/2013. The link can be found here.

In Christ,
Nick Peters