Apostles’ Creed: Maker

What does it mean to say God is the maker? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Christians believe in creation. Now readers of this blog know that I hold to John Walton’s view of Genesis 1, but Walton does say that other passages of Scripture hold that God did create ex nihilo, out of nothing, and I agree.

What do we get out of that?

Look around you. Really. Take a good look. Take a look at yourself. Take a look at your spouse and your family. Take a good long look at everything you see around you and take it all in and ponder it and then think about this thought.

None of it has to exist.

In our individualistic culture, we can often get the idea going that we are necessary for the story. Our modern idea is that it all revolves around us. Now we may play a major role perhaps, but we are actors on a stage and our part can be played by anyone else if need be.

God could make it just fine without you or me.

As I write this, I have a window nearby in my office where I can see the road leading to our house. It is the window I use to see if the mailman is coming. I can see the trees outside as well and the green grass growing and know that the sun is shining.

And none of this is necessary.

Nothing that I see had to exist. Everything out there exists because God created it and it exists for His good pleasure. In fact, that includes me as well. I exist for the joy of God and you exist for the joy of God.

Despite the fact that most of us think that usually that we’re not bringing Him much joy.

And sadly, many will turn away from Him and devote their lives to finding joy apart from Him, which in the long run truly cannot be done.

Look around you and realize there was a time when everything was not. There was a time when there was no universe. God was able to exist apart from the universe and can always exist apart from the universe. He is dependent on nothing.

Creation is a gift. It is a blessing. This is one thing the environmental movement gets right. We ought to care for the creation. This doesn’t mean that every move to care for it is worthwhile. I can only roll my eyes when I hear about “Earth Hour” for instance.

Let’s also realize something else. We can debate how it was that things came to be the way they are, but let’s realize that any God who is capable of creating a universe can safely be said to be really powerful and really smart.

You know, perhaps we might even dare make a radical move and say that he’s smart enough and powerful enough to know what He’s doing and how to handle the universe. If He can handle a whole universe, surely He can handle our lives.

He who created is able to maintain creation. He who made your life is able to provide for you.

As Luke 12:32 tells us, fear not little flock. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

And as Matthew 6 reminds us, the one who cares for the birds and the flowers will provide for us.

In Christ,
Nick Peters