The Perissos Conference

Would you like to make another conference possible? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

My good friend Lynn Erhorn of Perissos Resources, a Christian ministry, is in the works of preparing a conference. While there will be apologetics involved, which piques my interest, this will not be just apologetics. There will be venues of all types based on

Some of you know that I am a member on staff at TheologyWeb. This is my favorite place to debate and Deeper Waters has its own section there. At TWeb, as we often call it, there’s something for everyone. You want to discuss TV shows, movies, and video games? You can. Want to discuss your pets or cooking? You can. Want to discuss psychology and philosophy? You can. Do men just want to get together and talk man stuff and women get together and talk women stuff? There are places for that. There are naturally places for just silliness.

We want to have a conference with the same format. There will be numerous guests and speakers. That also includes Yours Truly, though I have no idea yet for sure what I’ll be speaking on. We are also hoping to be able to get Tim Tebow to come and speak on the relationship of God to sports.

I have been to two TWeb conventions and both of them have been thoroughly entertaining and informative and also a precursor of the Kingdom I’d say. At the end of the first one, I remember being the worship leader and leading as many of us sang a hymn together from all over the world and many different denominations united in Christ and how I thought that this is what eternity is meant to be like.

I hope this conference sounds as exciting to you as it does to me.

Now here’s the problem.

This conference could possibly never be.

Why? We need interest generated and for that, we need just 250 people to fill out the survey that we have. It will only take a few minutes of your time and you could be benefiting yourself as well as numerous others who want to see this as a possibility.

Some of you might be skeptical. I know Lynn Erhorn, the one in charge of Perissos. She is a trusted friend in all areas. As I prepared for marriage, she has been one I can talk to and at some points when I’ve wanted to get some advice, she has always been a good advisor. We were greatly pleased to have her be one of the guests at our wedding. (And she was greatly pleased I understand to discover Cheerwine after the wedding. All of that of course I got secondhand.)

Friends. I don’t normally write a post like this that would be a pure advertisement, but this time I am making an exception. Would you please take a few minutes of your time and fill out this survey and give some feedback on what you’d like to see at the conference?

The links are included below.

In Christ,
Nick Peters.