Thoughts On Anthony Bass

How will we stand when persecution comes? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

I was just watching a video from TimCast where the conversation was Anthony Bass. Bass is a baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays who posted something in support of the Target boycott. Hardly a day had passed and he was apologizing for it and said he was going to use Blue Jays resources to reeducate himself.

We all know what that entails.

Now when I use the word persecution, I am going to say that no, this is not like where it is in Muslim and Communist countries where you can be killed for being a Christian. However, this is a step in that direction. If the mind virus cannot be eliminated, before too long expect them to say the person must be eliminated.

Tim Pool who hosts the program is not a Christian. Seamus Coughlin who was on this episode is a devout Catholic Christian. This led to a back and forth going on and something I will say I respect is that this could have easily been a chance for non-Christians to rag on Christians. It didn’t happen. Instead, it was said that those people weren’t really walking the walk.

Tim is confident that Bass isn’t a Christian. Why would you sell out your faith so quickly? Does this really look like someone who knows they will be judged by God one day? I’m not going to be one to be so quick to say Bass isn’t a Christian or not. I’d also say all of us who are Christians can easily lose sight of the fact that we will be judged by God one day.

Do I disagree with what Bass did? 100%. If at the end he came out of this and was no longer a Christian and was waving around pride flags, I would not be surprised. I hope that doesn’t happen, but that’s what I think will.

Yet at the same time, I am hesitant in how I handle such scenarios because many of us can talk the talk when all we have to do is talk. Picture Peter who said to Jesus “Even if everyone betrays you, I never will! I’m ready to die for you!”

And yet for him, within 24 hours, what was he saying? “Jesus? Never heard of Him.” Peter himself caved. I’m not going to go and claim I would do better. I would hope that if push came to shove, I would, but I think boasting beforehand can only lead to more trouble.

But this is a reminder that we all need to live differently as Christians. Things are getting harder for us than they have before. If you do not bow the knee often to the Pride ideology going on now, then you are the ones who are ready to be thrown to the proverbial lions.

Bass is going to reeducate himself. The problem is many of our Christians aren’t going to be reeducated, but that they were never educated to begin with. I don’t mind a school education or college or university. I mean they have never been seriously educated in Christianity and what we believe.

This is especially so for children and if we don’t educate our children, well, somebody will.

In Christ,
Nick Peters
(And I affirm the virgin birth)