Can we be clear? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

“Just take the red ink and put a good amount in there.”

So my boss said to me at the Post Office I work at when filling the stamp that we use to postmark. Turns out, I did too much. My idea of filling up wasn’t the same as hers and I guess I wanted to make sure it was sufficient.

“Just put some oil in the frying pan and put the fish on top.”

So said my mother in trying to teach me how to fix salmon and/or tilapia at home. Well, that didn’t work well. One of my neighbors came over yesterday with her husband and said, “Yes. You don’t line the pan with oil. You just put in a couple of spoons.”

Vague terms are hard for me. I need to go by specifics. I have only recently come to learn this about myself on the spectrum. Looking at it though, I looked back and realized that many times my mother when I was sick would ask me how I was feeling. The question often irritated me. How do you state that? What do you say? Feelings aren’t really definite like that be they emotional or physical.

If I have an assignment, I will usually ask “How many sources do I need?” or “How long does the paper need to be?” I am not looking for the bare minimum. I am looking for something that I can easily quantify.

It could be one reason that I love numbers so much. Numbers make sense and are easy really. They fit into a simple formula. You do A. You get B. I am taking symbolic logic this semester and at times, the material can be tricky, but once I get the formulae, I’m there. It makes sense.

As I’m thinking about this now, it’s probably one reason time matters so much to me. I usually try to arrive early for things and I follow a strict regimen with it. I take a shower at the same time. I go to bed at the same time. I get on my computer at the same time. That’s also something with order which I plan to write on soon.

It can also be one reason why in relationships, I can often times need an assurance on where things stand. I can’t understand your body language and if something seems inconsistent, it’s a problem for me. Generally, I will tend to think that someone is not wanting to be around me if that happens. I fortunately have friends who have been clear even saying that if they are ever upset with me, that they will let me know. That’s really assuring.

Why do I say all of this? Because if you are dealing with someone on the spectrum, it could be appreciated if you are really clear with what you are saying. Speak in clear terms that are definitive and to the point. It is a help to all of us.

In Christ
Nick Peters
(And I affirm the virgin birth)