Tears for the Beauty

We had a young couple come into my workplace today. They both work there and they were all dressed up for a Winter formal. The girl looked stunning. I have seen this couple several times, but there is something about them that saddens me. I know what’s going on. I know that they’re not married, and I know that they’re already sleeping together.

<> I got quite sad realizing that especially whenever the girl mentioned a hotel. My friend I work with asked me why I was so upset. Someone else even stopped and asked me if I was okay who worked there. I truly was saddened. It saddens me today how many beautiful women seem to give in so easily.

I don’t care about the statistics, though I hear they’re favorable. I don’t care about what’s popular. I care about what’s right. It sickens me that this is considered love. I don’t doubt that there is some real love, but I fear love is being overpowered by lust as I always see pre-marital sex as partially a lack of trust.

<> Of course, if a girl buys condoms, doesn’t that show she doesn’t trust already? Why go into the most ultimate form of vulnerability and at the same time, go through with protection from the one you’re making yourself vulnerable to? It’s such a contradiction. I am amazed at how many young people just miss it.

<> Am I saddened? Yeah. Some people could say part of it is longing for what I lack, and in some levels, that is so, but I also think of what Paul said about who is  led into sin and I am not saddened? It especially saddens me that it’s several beautiful young ladies. Yes. I know women seduce men just as well and are at fault many times as well, but my heart just beats harder for the ladies I suppose.

<> Young ladies. Please save yourself. You don’t want to risk going into your honeymoon night with regrets.

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