The end of wonder

At the dawn of the 20th century, mankind had yet to explore the inner systems of the cell or the last frontier of outer space. We have plunged ourselves farther into both of these fields. As a Christian, we look with wonder at the inner-workings of the cell and realize it is a living factory. We see the vastness of space and we remember that the Scriptures say “And he made the stars also.”

However, as I ponder it, the atheistic worldview seems to seek to explain away wonder. This is not the hand of a designer fashioning out our system as it is. This is the hand of chaos. There is no guiding purpose and everything that seems to give wonder must somehow be dealt with.

<> We have seen the anthropic principle applied to our planet and how we are fine-tuned for life. What is the response? There must be another planet out there like ours. There has to be! Unfortunately, one has yet to be found and if the writers of the Privileged Planet are correct, there won’t be one.

What is next? We are a dot in the universe. We are just a small and insignificant planet. Since when did size determine the intrinsic value of something? Because we are small in comparison to the universe, we are not valuable? Need we also remind our friends that this is not a new discovery? The ancients knew how small the Earth was.

<> Let’s look at the small stuff now though. The cell is incredible in its structure. All it has and it’s able to reproduce itself. Yet what is the response? This is merely an accident. We are the ones who got lucky. I find it amazing that intelligent people work in a lab all their lives to try to prove that no intelligence was needed to begin with.

I believe wonder is anametha to the atheistic worldview. If there is wonder, there is something to be in awe of. It will either be God, or it will be chaos. I find it interesting that it seems chaos works so well and produces so much “good” on the natural level, but it is not applied on the moral level as well.

My advice? Appreciate the creation we have in the far reaches of the galaxy and in your own body. Never lose wonder.

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