Where Can You Go?

If you read my blog yesterday, you know I wasn’t in the best of moods. Well, it’s kind of continued. It’s an emotional roller coaster going up and down and I have never learned to gain control of my emotions. I tend to follow them whereever they lead so that if I feel something, I tend to think it is true.

<>┬áThat’s something I must work on. I don’t suspect I’m alone in this. Sadly in our day and age, we have given feelings a high position and I blame the church in many ways. Do you have any idea how sick I am of hearing people talk about feeling led to do X and to hear in a church service that “If you feel Christ calling you, come down and be saved.” I’m thinking, “Come down and be saved regardless of how you feel because the message is true!” There was even a lady I talked to once who wanted to be a missionary but never went because she never “felt the call.” ARGH! Well, I digress….

My point at this is where to go. Where do you go when all your feelings are in a mix and your thinking is being held hostage? Where do you go when it seems at times that your whole world has been torn upside down? Where do you go when you really don’t feel like you can trust those around you and in many cases, they’re the ones you’re angry with, and you don’t think anyone understands?

I say, go to the truth. Go to the one who holds all the statements. He knows all the truth about you because he knows all truth, and yet he loves you anyway. I pray that he will reveal not just himself to me, but reveal me to me. Let me see me the way that he sees me. Why would I want a view of myself contrary to the way God sees me?

Now some of us might be thinking that it will be a negative view. Well, it won’t be a perfect view, but if you have some true faults you can work on, don’t you want to know them? If you have some awesome stuff about you that’s true, don’t you want to know it also? The only one to go to is the one who knows for certain. Friends can be wrong. Family can be wrong. Opponents can be wrong. YOU can be wrong. I can be wrong. God cannot.

Where do I go to when my world is a tumble then? I go to the one who holds it all together. I invite you to do so also. He’s waiting.

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