To the source

In my continuing quest through this week, I chose to read some C.S. Lewis last night. I have a book that takes some selections from him from various works. I read something that particularly moved me to the degree that after I got done with it, I went on and turned out the light.

<> Lewis mentions what we are so easy to forget and draws a great parallel from it.  He points out that if we wanted to be wet, we would be in water because water naturally conveys the property of being wet. If we wanted to be warm, we would get near fire because it naturally conveys the property of being warm.

<> Where do we go for happiness? For holiness? For masculinity and femininity and so many other things? I would say we go to the source. We go to God. The more we draw near to God, the more those attributes are conveyed upon us as well as is fitting our character. (Masculinity for males and femininity for females for instance.)

Yet in all of this, we are not destroyed. God is the ultimate purifier. For our lack of happiness, the more we draw near to him, the more unhappiness will disappear from us. The more we draw near to him, the more unholiness will disappear from us. We will slowly become the people God created us to be while still being who we are.

We are in his image after all.  We are to be in such a way that we perfectly reflect him and all that does not reflect his qualities will be destroyed. This does not mean we’ll be omnipotent or omniscient. It does mean though that he will not see anything in us that goes against him.

<> Lewis is right for all of us then. We need to draw near. Draw near to him and he will draw near to you.

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