Going Deeper

Ah! Valentine’s Day! Indeed, I had been thinking about the love of a lady last night. Yes readers who do not know. I am single so I only think with anticipation. However, I had read an excerpt of C.S. Lewis talking about seeing a lady and he could not tell if she was clothed or not. (I believe it was from the Great Divorce so this would be Heaven.) He pointed out that if she was clothed, it was not a disguise as it is here.

Disguise.  Now there’s an interesting way to put it. A disguise implies that there’s something underneath. As a man, I know that that is certainly true for a female. I thought about that as many of us men when seeing a lady do wonder about what that disguise is hiding. I believe this is something natural for men. What we do with the thought is up to us. There are right ways to handle desire and wrong ways.

This is also a good reason to value modesty ladies. A modest lady can make a guy wonder, but he also seems more respectful in doing so. The treasure is more valuable if it’s guarded more closely.  A girlwho is showy with all she has just doesn’t present a challenge and is unattractive.

So I took this thought further. Now if a guy meets a girl and they marry and they are on their honeymoon, has not the man gone deeper when that disguise of clothing on the girl is shed? Indeed he has, but woe to us if we think that once we see past the disguise of clothing that there are no more disguises.

Yes. Woe to him who only gets the body and misses the soul. Woe to the man who gets a girl to give him his body, but cannot seem to get her to give him his soul. Friends. Winning a girl’s body frankly is easy. I wouldn’t, but I could go out on the streets tonight and whip out my wallet and win a girl’s body. A criminal could force a girl’s body. However, he cannot buy her soul from her or steal her soul from her. It is her’s to give.

<><>This is one problem with pre-marital intercourse even. There is no giving of the soul. It is only the giving of the body. If the soul has not been given, are you truly fully giving yourself to another? Why not wait? “Well he might leave me.” Then you really don’t trust him do you? A true lover will not make your staying with him depend on intercourse. A true lover will love you and intercourse will just be a bonus.  It’s an important bonus and it serves its purpose in marriage, but it is never meant as a threat or a test.

<><>Furthermore, this doesn’t just relate to marriage. This relates to everything else. Go out and look at the night sky with an astronomer. He will see things that you will not see. (Unless you happen to be interested in astronomy.)  My father and I watch every new Smallville together and because of my greater interest, I am seeing subtleties that he is never seeing. A preacher’s worst nightmare is to have a skilled theologian in the audience, as he knows such a person will be analyzing the sermon closely.
<>I have a friend in Florida now who shows me this truth well. He is the music buff. I am the philosophy and theology buff. He and I would hear the same song on the radio. I would comment on the meaning of the song and that I thought the message was quite good. He would reply, “But they only play three chords!”

<>The ultimate point is that if you want more of something and to enjoy it more, you have to go deeper. The best place to go deeper I would say is in God. The more you dive into him, the more you will enjoy him and the more you will know him.

<>Go deep!

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