Points of Light

I had a friend stay with me since last Friday. He’s a good Christian guy from another state. In thinking about him coming up here, I started pondering about Christians all over the world. We seem to live in a world where evil does run amuck at times. However, there are glimmers of hope. Jesus described us as a city on a hill.

I look out on the world in this way at times. I am in ministry but for now, I am not employed technically. Instead, I work a regular job that I don’t really care for, but I have to do. Yet as I walk around where I work, I picture a call going out. It is a call for warriors to stand up and fight the darkness. A small point of light shines then.

<> There are several such lights in my city and then many more in my state. All around the world, I think of several Christians answering this call. They are starting to stand up and raise their spiritual arms to take on the evil that faces them. They are willing to put their beliefs on the line in the cause of truth.

All around, this call is going out. Warriors are taking up arms. Heroes are going to fight. This is the epic battle. This is a battle that has been going on for as long as man has been in rebellion against God. However, take all these lights and put them together, and you do have a bright light.

As I picture that, the world seems to be a better place. I want to fight for Christ. How about you?

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