Little Pleasures

Tonight, I went to a local coffeeshop for a poetry reading. I can sometimes get to go and I bring my poetry when I do. However, I love the teas that they have there and I have to order a tea every time. The one I ordered tonight came with a bottle of honey. I’m a peanut butter junkie and I love it when it comes with honey.

So I’m getting some honey in my tea and just thinking about this simple pleasure. It is one that we take for granted so often. G.K. Chesterton once said that he would explain the problem of pain when the skeptics he met explained the problem of pleasure. If all is an accident, why is there so much good in the world?

Why is it that that tea tastes so good with the honey in it? Why is it that a glass of water has that taste of a glass of water? We take it for granted, but that taste is always there. We savor it when we go out to eat at a fine restaurant. We know many people who have a chocolate craving who would practically kill for a Godiva.

What about other areas? How often do I ponder that God made women beautiful? I know people often say the physical doesn’t matter but guess what. It does! God made the physical and he made it beautiful. Why should I not admire the human female form? Of course, I am to respect it which means I avoid pornography or undressing her in my mind merely to satisfy my lusts, but why not enjoy it? He made her beautiful and intended that beauty to be appreciated especially as it points back to him. How often do I see a beautiful female and think “Wow. God’s handiwork is right there.”

What makes sexual intercourse so pleasurable? Now I don’t know this one from experience, but I am sure based on all that I have heard from those who are not virgins. This is a really good thing. There are times I think about what it must be like and I get so caught up in the wonder of it.

How about learning also? I was pondering yesterday that I could have all my time away from work and spend it all reading on philosophy and theology and it would STILL not be enough time. If only I had forever to learn all that I wanted to. Then I realized that I do! I can get to spend Heaven learning about the wonder that is God. If I am to enjoy that then, why not enjoy it now?

Walk outside your house and look at creation. Enjoy it. Ponder that God could have made the world black and white but he didn’t.¬† Realize the utter joy that exists and all of this is from the grace of God. As James says, every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above.

<> Take time to enjoy the world today. Pray that I will enjoy it and I pray that you will also.

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