Islam and Criticism

I don’t know for sure how it got to that point at work today, but before too long, we were talking about the way ideas are treated in the media and I started thinking about these situations I’ve heard about where people are reprimanded for speaking out against Islam.

I started thinking about this documentary of James Cameron’s on the “tomb of Jesus.” I wondered what would happen instead if he was coming out with a documentary on “The Dark Life of Mohammad” or something along those lines. Would he have any chance today?

Not at all! However, it’s just fine to say what you want against Christianity. (Keep in mind, these are the same people that are always pushing tolerance. The only thing not to be tolerated is Christianity.) Islam gets a free pass and we’re even encouraged to study Islam to see where they are coming from.

Please understand this. I have no problem with someone studying Islam. If someone is really seeking truth, by all means I invite them to check out the Qu’ran. I invite them to check out the Qu’ran if they are willing to give the Christian side equal hearing.

In fact, my point in this is not even about the truth claims of each religion. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Islam was even true and Christianity was false. Would that make the situation any different? No. Each side should still be given a hearing.

I’m not even against James Cameron’s presentation. In fact, I’m quite grateful for it. I think like the Da Vinci Code, this will be a good chance for people to stand up and speak about the real truth and study their history a little bit more. Anything that makes us ground ourselves in the faith a little bit more is a good thing. 

If James Cameron has a case, let him bring it forth and argue it. That’s not the concern. The concern is that one religion gets a free pass and the other one doesn’t. One religion you dare not criticize in the media, and the Christian religion is open game.

Friends. The marketplace needs to be a place where all ideas are discussed and investigated. Unfortunately, we are already stacking the deck in favor of at least one worldview and against one worldview specifically.

What to do? Simple. James Cameron isn’t afraid to stand up and speak his views. The Muslims aren’t afraid to stand up and say their views. Now it’s time Christians learn that same lesson as well.

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