Joining The Adventures

I’ve said in my blog that I have been going through Final Fantasy VI Advance. I had had a good conversation today and I felt energized as I went out into the world for my evening shopping.

A surprising fact struck me as I went into the grocery store. In Final Fantasy VI, when a new character is introduced that will be part of the party, you get a brief snippet poetically describing that character.

I thought about that seeing different people in the store. Maybe that girl standing at the counter watching the world go by will play a part. Maybe that father walking down the aisle with his son will play a part in my story. Maybe that lady in the cereal aisle has a role to play.

I thought about this as I thought about the adventure of life. Music played in my head the whole time of wandering towns in different games I’ve played picturing myself as part of an epic story that was taking place.

Indeed, that is what is going on. It may be a simple trip down the street, but adventure is taking place. When I checked out even, I looked at the name tags of the people ringing me up. These aren’t faceless individuals. These people have names. They have a story going on as well.

Now I only know my own story internally, but it is not separate from your story. Your story exists just as much as mine does. Our stories are all being connected. A great author is working on them.

With the rise of the internet, the author seems to be connecting more and more of us. Books connect me to authors all around the world that I could never meet in person. Across time as well I am connected with Plato and Boethius and Augustine and so many others.

Then I look on my life and wonder what difference I’ll make. I might seem like just a spot in the space-time continuum now, but if multiple spots of light unite, the whole world could be lit.

Go ahead. Live the adventure, and join with others. Let’s go on this journey together!

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