Resurrection Cosmos

Tonight at work, I had a friend from Bible College come by. I told him about my plans to go to Seminary with a customer passing between us. This customer later approached me on this as he was a professor at a local Bible College as well.

We started talking about various topics and he mentioned a sermon that someone had delivered recently at his school or church on Heaven. He spoke of the measurements given in Revelation and said that by those measurements, 3.5 billion people could live there and each have 1 cubic mile.

I replied though that I just didn’t see it that way. I saw the figure of the cube as representing that of the Most Holy Place. The Jew would know immediately that John was speaking about how holy this Heaven is.

I then pointed to Romans 8, a favorite passage of mine on this. Romans 8 tells us that all creation awaits redemption. This is an exciting thought to me as it tells me that all things are being made new.

 Do you remember the end of the Chronicles of Narnia? The kids go into the stable and they find in there a new Narnia, except this is a perfect Narnia. This is the real Narnia. They reply that they don’t like this world because it’s like the old world, but they liked the old world because it was like this one.

In my view, the old creation was not perfect. It was never meant to be. It was meant to be the battleground between good and evil, as God knew it would be. God’s plan never went wrong. It’s all working according to schedule. We would be quite arrogant to think we could destroy the plan of God.

We will instead have a new cosmos, and a cosmos better than before. Every single square inch of this cosmos I believe will be filled with the manifest presence of God. How else could it be Heaven? That’s the real joy. God is there. We shall know as we are known. We shall enter into the presence of Christ and we shall be like him.

Is the resurrection good? Of course. Let’s take it all the way though. As in the first of the Chronicles of Narnia also, death began working its way backward at the resurrection. Imagine what glory will exist in the new creation.

I’m looking forward to it. How about you?

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