Do You Always Enjoy It?

I had someone ask me an interesting question today. He’s a fine young man who’s a strong Christian and he asked me if I always enjoyed reading the Bible. I know I’ll disillusion some here (And maybe you need to be disillusioned) but the answer is no, I don’t always enjoy reading the Bible.

<> I think it’s a good question. The truth is that no, I don’t always enjoy reading the Bible. There are times I do not have any religious passion at all. There are times I’m overflowing with it. In fact, I think if I looked at my life honestly, it’s pretty much that way with everything.

<>There are times a beautiful lady will drive me crazy. There are times I really can’t register interest. Why? It could simply be that I’m a normal person whose interests just fluctuate based on my mood that day, the weather, digestion, psychological status, what have you. I’m not a psychologist. I don’t claim to know.

It seems that we think we are to be somewhat different all the time when it comes to religious topics. I talked about this with someone recently. They were of the mindset that your religion should always produce strong feelings. That’s not really so. Ask anyone in a marriage relationship. There are times you feel intense love and there are times that you don’t. In both cases, you love.

There are times that I pray at night and it seems like things are dead. What do I do then? I pray. There are times I come to the Bible and I know I should read it but I’d rather go straight to bed than read a chapter that I’ve already read several times before. What do I do then? I read.

Why do I say this? Because I want you to know I’m not alone and I think you’re probably like me. I know some people who only enjoy religious matters and frankly, I don’t want to be one of them. I believe God gave us much to enjoy and while it all reflects him, it’s not all explicitly about him.

What to do? Learn to enjoy the Scriptures along with everything else. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life after all.

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