Encourage One Another

I’d like you all to think about a day that you were really down. One day where you had the Monk theme song part going through your head of “No one seems to care.” Then, you go to your internet and check your email and there’s a message just out of the blue from a friend telling you what a blessing you are.

It might not be that. It might be a letter in the mailbox. It might be a friend dropping by out of the blue. It might be a phone call. Either way, someone has sent you a message when everything was wrong just to let you know they think you’re special. How did that make you feel?

Now, I’ve had those days. What does that kind of thing change about the external world? Absolutely nothing. However, it does change me greatly. I suddenly seem to have the strength to press on. It just wows me that someone thought so much about me that they decided to take the time to let me know.

What got me thinking this? You all might be surprised, but I am my own worst critic and I think I have an inferiority complex the size of Texas. I thought today though about some skeptics I address. Maybe my arguments might not seem the best to me at times, but I thought about judgment day.

What if a skeptic makes his defense before the throne and God says something like “Well, someone already answered you on that years ago and you rejected it.” After all, if God affirms what you say, then it doesn’t really matter what anyone else says. I then thought though about the community in Heaven.

Remember the song Ray Boltz did? “Thank You.”? It was about a man who had a dream that he went to Heaven with a friend and this friend meets countless people who are there because of so many little things he’d done on Earth that are described in the song even as “unnoticed.”

Won’t Heaven be a place of encouragers also. Our life will not be spent just loving God. We will be loving one another and building one another up. We will be exuberantly glad in the joy we experience in one another as well. Whatever relationships you have here, I do not believe Heaven destroys those for they are good. I believe Heaven amplifies those.

Then I take that further. If we are going to be having love and joy and celebrating each other in Heaven, why are we not doing that now? When was the last time we did that? I took some time out recently to publicly recognize a dear mother-figure type in my life as a wonderful and awesome person. So many people chimed in also. That took only a few minutes, but I bet it will leave a lasting impression for a long time.

Dear friend. Love your neighbor. Chances are, they really need it. I know I have several days and there are probably many days when you need it as well and you just don’t want to ask for it. Be there today. Surprise someone. Of course, don’t do this to where it is just habit with no real meaning behind it. Love them because you think they are worth loving.

You’re going to do that for all eternity. You might as well start now.

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