Good Friday

Picture yourself as a first century Jew. You’ve been mesmerized by this man named Jesus who is going around teaching and working so many great wonders. This man has a moral code that you know you can’t reach, but yet, you believe you are accepted by him anyway. No one has ever spoken like this man. He is the best man you have ever known.

Then, the leaders of your people strip him and crucify him on a cross in shame for all the world to see.

Imagine if someone came to you then and said “Did you know that 2,000 years from now, this day will be looked on as Good Friday?” Imagine how you would react! This is the greatest man I ever knew that is being humiliated in the worst death of all! What could possibly be good about this?! What kind of sick people live 2,000 years from now?!

Yet today, we seem to call it Good Friday quite easily. It is doubtful the disciples saw it as such. They were more than likely watching in horror. I see no reason for us to think that the disciples were watching and one of them said “Oh! I get it! Jesus Christ is dying for our sins!” No. Their world had been thrown into confusion provided it even lasted. They were followers of a man who had been condemned as a criminal. They could be next.

Today though, we know the truth. It is Good Friday. We celebrate it not because the story ended on the cross, but because the story began on the cross. The darkest moment led to the brightest moment. The greatest evil led to the greatest good. The God who reversed things then though, is still around for us in the 21st century.

Today, remember what happened on Good Friday. It is still the same God. He sent his Son for your sins. How much more will he give you all things?

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