Dark Saturday

Have you ever wondered how this Saturday was for the disciples?

Their Lord had been crucified. No doubt, they were tired from a restless evening, but did they get any that night? Were that all together in order to have a fighting chance should the leaders of the community knock on their door? Were they sitting up late at night reviewing the facts wondering where things had gone wrong?

What indeed? All of their hopes and dreams had been planted on this man. This man had said that he was the source of life. He had made the strongest claims that anyone had ever made, and yet, they did not doubt his sanity. Maybe they did then though. They’d seen him die and he hadn’t resisted. Maybe there was a lot of insanity.

As I ponder it, I wonder if the disciples counted those the darkest 24 hours of their lives.

Maybe we’re not that different though.

Maybe it’s Saturday for you. Maybe the world seems out of kilter and nothing seems right. I often think about times when I am in that place and I say “I just want to wake up one day and have 2 + 2 = 4 again.”  This is a crazy and mixed up world and sometimes, it does seem like the good guys are losing.

For us, it can seem like God is absent at time. Be sure of this. We say it feels like he is. Where do we ever get such a notion? I know of no concept in Scripture where it talks about feeling God or even “Feeling the Spirit.” So much of what we claim as truth about God today can often be traced to our feelings.

Yet, those feelings don’t just go away. However, in the midst of our trials, we can remember the disciples. There was a Saturday when Jesus was dead. That day went and that day seemed to be a hopeless day. However, the disciples did not realize the joy they would have the very next day.

We all know what day that was.

So I say in closing, remember today, that there are dark passages in life, but the day of the Lord is coming.

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