Is Truth Real?

Now I hope most of you reading this title are saying “Well of course it is!” However, I ask the question not because I want the intellectual answer, but because I want the personal answer. I want to know what you think the truth is and then have you ask yourself if you live like that truth applies.

I’m one of those people that struggles with doubt a lot not so much in the area of my faith, but in the area of myself. I look at myself and wish I had more confidence in my own abilities, which is something my friends tend to know about me. I have said I have an inferiority complex the size of Texas and that I’m my own worst critic.

I’ve been thinking lately though that while I should have confidence in myself, I must be honest and realize that some doubt would be that of the message. It goes naturally because if you are hard on yourself, then in those times when you are, it is easy to be hard on what you believe as well.

I’ve thought back to the first sermon I ever preached at my current church. I preached on the topic of revolution. I don’t really like the word revival. It seems to imply to me that the church has died, and I refuse to accept that it has. Instead, I prefer to say “revolution.” I don’t mean the revolution where we take up physical arms, but the one where we take up intellectual and spiritual arms.

I have looked at Christianity and what it teaches and seen that I don’t see that happening. I conclude then that either Christianity is false or that we’re not living it. As an apologist, you can be sure that the one that I opt for is that we’re not living it. Why would we not be?

The honest answer is that we don’t really believe it as much as we say we do. We say that trust in Christ is the best way to live, but so many times, our lives deny that. We say that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, but are we really doing that when we go about our day?

A large part also is that the church today doesn’t even know what it believes. Next time you’re in the middle of singing a great hymn at church, be quiet. Really. Look at the words. Ask yourself, “Do I really believe these words I’m singing?” When you sing “It is well with my soul,” do you really believe that whatever comes your way, it will be well with your soul? (Look up the history of that song also to find out what circumstances led to its being written.)

Are you aware of how many Christians are ignorant about doctrines like the Trinity? To be blunt, how many Christians are just plain ignorant? You know how many people reject the faith because Christians are ignorant of it and can’t answer their questions. It doesn’t just hurt the lost. It hurts the Christians. The deeper you go into your faith, the more real it can become and the more you can enjoy it. Would you treat your spouse like you treat your faith? “Honey. I know all about you I want to know. There’s no need to tell me any more. Let’s just keep it at this level.” Nonsense!

It has been said that if Jesus was walking beside us one day, we’d all live different lives. Guess what. HE IS! Of course, you can’t see him, but he has said that he will be with us always, even unto the end of the age. He is there right now. God is here with us and is watching everything we do and every thought we think.

Why do we doubt him? It could be we don’t really live like he’s real. We’re professing Christians often and practicing atheists. We too often live like there is no God or worse, that we want to be God. Isn’t this what every sin is? Isn’t it saying “You don’t know what’s best for me God. I know what’s best for me.” In saying such, we are claiming to be greater than God. How dare we make such a claim!

What about the problem of evil? What do we do when we treat a situation as if God can’t handle it somehow that it will wind up with a happy ending even if it can involve some pain? We are living like atheists when we do such and yes, I am including myself within this number.

If only we would go through each day living with the reality that God is on the throne. Would we not be more confident knowing we are loved by the greatest of all and are thus capable? Would we not be secure knowing that he can handle any problem that comes our way? Would we not live lives of holiness knowing that he is the judge on the last day? Of course we’re saved, but do you really want to wrong the one you love? (Or profess to love.)

It all comes down to you and I and our response to the questions.

Is Christianity true?

If you said no, then I hope you’ll let me know and we can discuss it. If you said yes, then I have another question.

Why aren’t you living your life accordingly?

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