When I was in High School and early college, I was in a Bible Study group for men my age. I remember when we were going through the Bible and we got to the Ten Commandments. We got to the fifth commandment of “Honor your father and mother.” Our leader asked us if our father or mother did anything that really annoyed us that made this commandment hard to follow.

This is something odd that has never left me. Every guy just started talking except every single thing that was said was said about mothers. My comment was that my mother would surgically glue herself to me if it was possible to which someone said, “Wow. That’d make for an awkward honeymoon.”

Ah! Mothers! Fortunately, my Mom has come to accept that I’ve become my own person more than she did then. She’s still got a way’s to go, but she’s more accepting today. Despite all that we said about our mothers, I have no doubt most of the guys have the same attitude that I do. We sure do love our mothers.

When Father’s Day comes around or my Dad’s birthday, I can usually spend about ten minutes and I know what I’m getting him. Mother’s Day? No way. I’ll spend hours at the mall for Mother’s Day and her birthday just trying to find a perfect gift. When I lived at home, I used to make it a practice of every now and then when I stopped to get gas, getting one of those little roses they have at gas stations and bringing it home for my Mom.

Does she absolutely drive me crazy sometimes still? You bet! There are times I just want to scream after talking to my mother. Still, I am always there to defend her if need be and I will not stop looking for a gift for her until I find the one that I think is perfect and I am willing to spend more on her than on most other people.

My mother works at a school and there was a time that a photographer came and made a rude comment about my mother. When his boss spoke to my mother he said, “Your husband and son have already called.” No one was going to say something negative about my mother and get away with it.

So today, I thought about what a blessing it is to have a mother. I thought about how there was a time when I was not and lo and behold, suddenly I was. That I began my existence as a single cell and for nine months, my mother carried me around inside of her until I came out to see the world.

It is through the guidance of my mother that I became who I was today. Of course, my Dad was involved, but today is to honor mothers. My mother was the nurturer mainly. When I was in the hospital for back surgery, she was the one that was by my bed making sure I was okay.

It sure is a blessing to have a mother. My mother has also encouraged me in the path that I have taken. I am an intellectual. I don’t mean this as negative about my mother, but she isn’t. She’s a simple lady who prefers watching HGTV (Which I don’t see how she stays awake) and reading books about topics like Amish life that are fictional.

Thus, I can’t really discuss philosophy and theology with her. I wouldn’t try to explain the inner dynamics of the Trinity. However, when I’ve preached, she’s often been the one that’s come forward at the end of the sermon with tears in her eyes. My mother is an awesome lady.

So today, I am thankful for Mother’s Day and that I have a Mom to celebrate it. Mom. If you ever read this, you know you drive me crazy and I still think you’re over-protective at times, but I do love you and I would do anything I could for you.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

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