Sometimes I wish life was like….

I grew up in the video game generation and one game I bonded to immediately was Legend of Zelda. I wanted to be like Link in every way. Well now I’m older and I’ve got the new Twilight Princess game on the Gamecube. I’m playing it last night and get to an unusual boss section where this kind figure gets overcome by the evil of an item and turns into the boss. (And with Zelda bosses, as time goes by, they have to get both bigger and uglier.)

I was playing that and pondering that I sometimes wish life was like that. I wouldn’t mind waking up one day and being off on a great adventure to save the land and no matter what big monster comes my way, I know I can handle it. I was telling that to a friend of mine and he said something else. He said “I wish it was like Kingdom Hearts.” That’s a Playstation series. I know another friend who would wish it was like the game Chronotrigger, and one who would probably say like the story of LOTR.

All of these friends are male also.

I think that could be something in the guy’s soul. Now might it exist in the female soul as well? Yeah. But let’s be honest. When we go to the bookstore or the game store or the movie theater, there is often a striking difference between what the sexes buy and view in there.

Yes. I think we men like to have adventure in our lives. I could imagine some people hearing my thoughts and thinking “Why, you’d face death and danger at every single turn.” To which I’d answer, “The point?” I think most of us wouldn’t mind facing that. In fact, it’s something that makes us come alive. The more dangerous something is, the more a guy usually wants to do it.

I once worked at a grocery store and I had to push in buggies for a time. Now I’m a small guy and I couldn’t push in too many at once, but I had heart and speed and I could rush in and out and get them. Sometimes, I didn’t really want to. However, if it was storming and the rain was coming and the lightning was cracking, I wanted to be out there! It was an irresistible draw!

As I ponder it though, it could be that our lives are more like that than we realize. We may not fight big boss monsters, but do we not fight? We may not face death, but is there not some danger in all of our lives? Do we not wonder how many situations will turn out in our day to day living?

Which gets me to something I’ve always said in here. I do believe the adventure is there. I think the problem is we don’t open our eyes to see it. There are exciting events taking place and we are on the greatest quest of them all. Indeed, our quests are truly more real and exciting than Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Chronotrigger, or even LOTR.

They’re better also for when we finish a game, we finish it and can say “Well done.” This game may not have the reset option, but it sure has a whole lot better than game over at the end of it.

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