The Author Will Do Great!

If you’re reading my blog earlier in the day, I’ll go on and say I’m writing early because I plan to be one of those people that’s at the bookstore at midnight to pick up book 7. Since I will be getting home late and since I do value my sleep, I have decided to go ahead and write the blog early.

Some people have asked me about this book. “Who do you think is going to die?” I don’t know. “How will this end?” I don’t know. There are several other questions that I won’t ask for the sake of those who haven’t read the book, yet when asked “Do you think you could be disappointed?” my answer has been “Absolutely not!

Let’s consider what we have so far without spoiling it.

We have a boy on an adventure where all is not natural.

We have him making friends.

We have him finding people that are scrupulous and some that are quite angelic.

We have him being unsure of who he can trust and who he can’t.

We have him making mistakes at times and these cost him.

We have people dying.

We have evil taking place and seeming to be on the rampage.

We have things going on that we don’t see the purpose of yet.

We have the boy suffering greatly for things that he is in no way responsible for.

We have concern about the future in how it will all turn out.

Yet those of us who are fans do not deny some things. We do not deny that JKR is a great author. We do not deny that she is an intelligent author. We do not deny that she is going to bring the story together. We also do not deny that we will like the way the story ends. We are also quite sure that when it’s shown how it ends we will look back and say “Why didn’t we see it before?”

Oh my. Have I just described the life of faith?

Look back over that list of events that have taken place. Do they not all bear a relation to the life of faith? Do we not live in a world where all is not natural, where evil seems to be on the rise, where it can be hard to know who to trust and not to trust, where we suffer for things we’re not responsible for, and where things happen that we do not understand?

If we are willing to say though that JKR knows what she is doing, then ought we not say the same thing for the greatest author of all? As brilliant as I think JKR is, she cannot hold a candle to the greatest storyteller of them all and we are the ones living that story out. We are the ones that are having the adventure.

Tonight, if you’re buying the new book, enjoy it, but then ask yourself if you’re going to enjoy the book that you are in and if you are going to say that you know you will not be disappointed with how it turns out. If you’re going to give JKR the trust that you give her in her work, will you not do the same with the creator?

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