Why I Rejected Christianity Review: Atheism Part 2

We now continue with the emphasis on the second part that the universe is religiously ambiguous. The claim is made of John Hick. The idea is that the evidence we see can be interpreted in anyway. Theistic and anti-theistic arguments are inconclusive. The evidences to which each appeal can be understood in a contrary worldview. Thus, we have religious ambiguitiy.

It makes one wonder if the idea that the universe is ambiguous is ambiguous.

Can this idea be interpreted in light of the notion that the universe is not religiously ambiguous?

Now at the same time, I’m not saying everything is cut and dry. There are still some puzzles to figure out. However, I would not say that it’s ambiguous. There are some interpretations that are right and some that are wrong. (Who knows though. Maybe Hick thinks God is postmodern and it’s up to the reader to give the text of the universe the meaning he thinks it ought to have.

In fact, I could question whether Hick really believes this. He interprets the world as Loftus says in the guise of liberal Christianity. Would he think I’m wrong? Of course. Would he give reasons? Of course. What’s he appealing to? The world around me. The only way he could say I’m wrong is that if he thinks his interpretation of the world is correct and mine is incorrect. I wouldn’t expect less.

This is the same with any work. (Interesting that at the points of Scripture, Loftus complains about NT interpretation of the OT. When it comes to the universe though, any interpretation is sound….) What is Loftus’s whole point about the problem of evil? That the correct interpretation of the world is to say there is no good God behind it.

Don’t misunderstand this. I’m not saying that he’s wrong to do that. I think it’s good to appeal to the evidence of the world in making a case. I’m saying that as soon as you do that, you are admitting that the universe is not ambiguous. In fact, you are admitting that your opponent should not think that either because you think if he is thinking right, he will see the correct way to see the world.

Does the world come with a giant label that says “Made by YHWH. Trust Jesus.”? No. I’m not saying either. I believe there is enough evidence in this world to convince a true seeker that God does exist and further that if he keeps seeking he will find that he has revealed himself in Christ. I also believe there’s not too much evidence so that someone can deny him, but I do not see that as rational. It is not rational to ignore the evidence that we have.

That’s my response. I don’t see it as ambiguous. I see the problem in man who often wants to resist that which is plainly set before him. Tomorrow, we shall see Loftus’s answer and how it measures up.

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