Why I Rejected Christianity Review: Atheism Part 3

Tonight, we’re going to look at Loftus’s reasons for atheism that he gives. I’ve already given my reason why I don’t think the universe is ambiguous. Apparently, Loftus does think it is though and somehow thinks it should be properly interpreted in an atheistic way. We’re mainly going to look though to see if there is any reason given for atheism.

Loftus begins by telling us how chance events can produce order and we know this.

It’s news to me….

Some example would have been nice….

He quotes Pascal talking about looking at the world of nature and seeing obscurity and how nature offers nothing but matter for doubt. Loftus tells us that it cannot be figured out with reason and initially, it can’t. Loftus tells us that the best we can say is that random chance events can’t be figured out in hindsight. Loftus accepts that nature is ultimate and the universe is just a brute fact.

Then he comes out and says “I am an atheist. There is no God.” Please take note people. This is phrasing the negative in an absolute. This isn’t the weak atheism that is just trying to say “I have no God belief.” This is the clear affirmation that there is no God. He thinks this he says because the universe is absurd and just can’t be figured out.

How many readers really think this universe is absurd?

It’s puzzling at some times and hard to understand but absurd?

For someone who thinks so much of the laws of science and how we have things figured out, to come out and say the universe is absurd in the end is astounding. If there’s something we don’t understand, it’s not the fault of the universe. It’s our fault for being ignorant. One supposes that Loftus would like to say what he knows based on what he does not know. Quite interesting….

Loftus gives an amusing suggestion that Christians are atheists to all other gods. He just rules out one more. Fair enough. However, we all do this as well. I am a non-believer in all worldviews except my own. I can’t say “I’m not going to believe my worldview.” If I say that, then my new belief actually does become my worldview.

Loftus speaks of his wife Gwen, who is an atheist also, and says her question is, “If God exists, then why doesn’t he show me?”

Pray tell why he should?

It’d be for the greater good for God to just have a grand revealing party? I don’t think so. I think God has good reasons for his supposed hiddenness and I’m looking for the atheist to tell me why God should reveal himself.

And I say supposed hiddenness because I don’t believe he’s hidden himself at all. I tend to agree with Paul. (Hey. I’m a Christian. Agreeing with what you believe to be the words of God is quite easy.) The creation makes the existence of God plain. It’s the brute fact, in fact, that Russell and Loftus both cannot explain, but somehow know God didn’t do it…..

In the end of looking at this chapter, I really see no reason given for atheism. Even if the universe is absurd, it doesn’t rule out the existence of a god. I don’t think the Christian God would work with an absurd universe, but it does not rule out the existence of any god whatsoever. Also, if Loftus really believes this universe is absurd, I urge him to live out that worldview. See how long he can be consistent with it.

I don’t think it will be very long.

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