Dealing With Mormons: Things To Remember

We’ve been talking about Mormonism a lot lately. While knowing the facts is important, there are some basic reminders that people should keep in mind when witnessing to Mormons, especially the Mormon missionaries that come to your door.

First, don’t slam the door in their face or tell them they’re in a cult. Honestly, do you really think that’d work for you? Now let’s suppose you’re in a hurry though and do have to be somewhere else, and I mean you have to be there. Be courteous. Just say, “I’m sorry. I really can’t right now. I have to be somewhere else. Can you come back another time?” If you can give a time, that’s even better.

Second, if you don’t know an answer to a question, admit it. Just say “That’s a good question. Let me do some looking in on that.” Such an answer will be respected and will show the Mormon that you actually do care about truth. By all means then, head to your library. Be able to read the Mormon thought and the Christian thought.

Third, move away from feelings. The Mormon evangelism tactic places a lot of emphasis on feelings. You want the Mormon to instead start looking at the facts about the BOM. These include such things as contradictions to Mormon doctrine as well as the lack of archaeological evidence to back the BOM. Be prepared for a fallback to “I have a testimony of the Holy Ghost” and be ready to counter it.

Fourth, make absolutely sure you know your own Bible. If you do not know your Bible and you are one that is prone to emotional experiences, you are fresh meat for conversion to Mormonism. You need to know as much Scripture as possible, the way to apply that Scripture, and you need to know orthodox Christian doctrine like the doctrine of the atonement and the doctrine of the Trinity.

Fifth, if you can, make sure you know their own doctrine as well. I don’t meet Mormons often who know, for instance, about the King Follett Discourse and the doctrine of eternal progression. Make sure you know Mormon history. Make sure you know about polygamy and blacks not holding the priesthood and Danites and the Mountain Meadows Massacre. (If some of you want to know what I mean by those, then that’s a sign that you need to do some checking.)

Sixth, be friendly always. The Mormons I know are really great people and we genuinely like them. I would love it if they could interrupt their mission to hang out with us playing a video game or watching a movie. When they come, offer whatever you can. If you live in a hot area for instance, get something to drink for them. Try and get something to eat as well. This is especially good to do on holidays when they are away from their family and can’t speak to them.

Seventh, remember that Christ must be exalted above all. It’s very tempting to see this as simply winning arguments. Winning the argument is important of course, but you must do what you can to win the soul. If you are working with them, you’re going to be in for the long haul. You’re asking someone to change their entire way of thinking and it won’t be easy.

Evangelism is important, but it’s also something that’s incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Evangelism for others will not only help them, but will also strengthen you in your worldview. If you get caught in the adventure, God bless you on your journey. Be sure to pray for the missionaries and yourself as you witness to them. If anyone has seen a conversion, let me know also. I’d love to hear about it.

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