Some Wrapping Up Thoughts On Mormonism

I’m going to go on and wrap up what’s been said about Mormonism here for now. It’s not to say the topic will never be broached again. After the missionary visit later this week, I might write about it again. The blogs don’t come out on any sort of schedule normally. However, I do have some other topics I want to write about and need to write about.

I just write this tonight for the Mormons out there and ask that you really consider what is being said. I don’t expect everything to be believed immediately. I’m fine with that. All I ask is that you consider something. From my worldview, there is how you will spend the afterlife at stake. It is the same for yours as well, although each of our worldview treats it differently. In mine, for instance, it involves spending the rest of one’s life in what would be called in Mormonism “Outer darkness.”

This is about truth. If Joseph Smith was a prophet, I agree that it is important and we should all listen to him. If, however, I am right and he wasn’t a prophet, then what does that mean to say “God has said” when God has not said? What does it mean to have Scripture that claims to be inspired of God if God did not inspire it? What about works like the D&C which claim to have revelations from God if they were not revelations of him?

What does it mean to say God was once a man and attained Godhood if he did not? What does it mean to say Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer if he is not? What does it mean to say that we are saved by grace through faith after all we can do (2 Nephi 25:23) if the truth is that we are saved by grace through faith alone?

It’s a very serious charge.

Why do I believe what I believe? Because I see archaeological findings in the Middle East confirm Scripture again and again. I see the Bible is entirely consistent with itself. I see that we have more manuscripts of the NT closer to the time period than any other ancient document. I see a theological and a philosophical worldview that is sturdy, has explanatory power, and that when the teachings of Christ are applied, they do work.

However, when I approach Mormonism, I have no reason to believe the first vision, I find the golden plates account suspicious especially after events like the Kinderhook Plates and the Salamander Letters and the Book of Abraham papyri being shown to be of the Book of the Dead. I find the BOM contradicts Scripture as well as Mormon doctrine. I find that there is no archaeological evidence for Mormonism. I find that the entire theological and philosophical framework behind the view is a disaster.

I am given in exchange, a feeling.

Now I can make a decision on what worldview I will believe based on my mind or on my feelings. Jeremiah 17:9 warns me about how deceptive the heart is. I am told though to test all things in 1 Thess. 5:21. I find Scripture passes the test and so does orthodox Christianity then. I find no reason though to believe that Mormonism passes the test.

Mormon friend. Do consider this greatly. Read both sides by all means. I have no problem with doing that. I ask that you base what you are doing on more than a feeling though. Base it on truth.

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